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For the Vietnamese, a meal is not simply to fill a person's stomach but also an opportunity for family members, friends or colleagues to get together in a warm and friendly atmosphere. In recent years, people around the world begin to pay more attention to family meals because eating can bring people both health and pleasure. Cooking is not only a work but also a form of entertainment. Vietnamese kitchens often have different kinds of spices, pickled leek bulbs, eggs as well as dried fish, dried shrimps and dried mushrooms which are often preserved for later use.

It often takes time for foreigners to get acquainted with Vietnamese eating practices. Cooked rice and fish sauce are main elements in Vietnamese meals. We hope that you will find pleasure when cooking these Vietnamese delicious dishes.


Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School.

Red Bridge provides an exclusive experience, the classes are more intimate. The day begins with shopping for ingredients in the market, followed by a scenic ride up the river by boat to the cooking school for the class and a tasty meal at the end. The cost is $25 US per person. They run a regular, dependable schedule.


Cinnamon Cruise Restaurant & Cooking Class

Operating cooking class aboard a wooden boat, Cinnamon Cruises has become more and more popular for a daily hands-on class and meal. Their cooking class will give you a proper introduction into local favorites as well as national cuisines. The class designed for those who truly want to grasp the culinary taste of Vietnam and be able to mimic them on their return home. More...


Morning Glory Cooking School.

The signature of Morning glory restaurant is its Street food selection. The cooking class often starts with a 1 hour market tour with Chef to learn about Vietnamese ingredients and how to choose fresh herbs and vegetables. A short talk on the art of Vietnamese gastronomy, cutting techniques and getting hand-on experience of  dishes.


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